Gentle Sleep Coaching

Looking for an alternative to traditional sleep training? Ready to feel supported, encouraged, and informed while helping your child sleep better using gentle, responsive strategies? 

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Gentle Sleep Coaching

Want an alternative to traditional sleep training? Ready to feel supported, encouraged, and informed while helping your child sleep better using gentle, responsive strategies? 


Goodbye confusion, hello clarity
$ 19
  • Perfect for that lingering question that has been on your mind.
  • Submit your questions, get a personalized video response within 2 business days
  • Instead of just reading books and blogs, get an answer tailored to your child!

Strategy Call

Goodbye feeling helpless, hello hope!
$ 60
  • Perfect if you have questions but don't need a full support package.
  • Walk away with the confidence that you can sleep coach your baby, or make other tweaks recommended for your situation
  • 30 minutes to talk through your questions and concerns regarding sleep. Come away with actionable information you can use as soon as that night.

One-on-One Coaching

3-6 Weeks of Personal Support
$ 345+
  • Tired of being exhausted and confused about your child's sleep?
  • Ready to put your child to bed and know he or she will quickly fall asleep.....and you didn't have to cry it out to reach this milestone?
  • Get a plan tailored to your child and family & get daily support while you go through the sleep coaching process

common questions

Gentle sleep coaching respects the needs of children as growing, developing humans while also respecting the need of parents to make the changes they feel are needed for the good of their family.

There is no one “gentle sleep coaching method”. Rather, the method chosen depends on the situation, child’s temperament, parenting style, and other factors. Methods tend to be very hands-on in the beginning, weaning to less parental involvement over a period of time.

Lauren offers one-on-one coaching to parents of children ranging from birth through age 5. Coaching includes discussion of normal sleep for a given age, realistic sleep expectations, and age-appropriate coaching methods and support.

Yes and no. Reducing night wakings is often a very appropriate goal for many of my families, but zero night wakings is not always an age-appropriate goal. Sleeping through the night is very much developmental and there is a wide range of normal as far as what age a baby will start sleeping through the night. It can be as early as 3-4 months old or as late as 12+ months old. I do not believe it “should” or “must” happen by a certain age.  

No parent enjoys hearing our children cry! We are hard-wired to minimize crying. But, it is also important to remember that crying is a pre-verbal child’s primary way of communicating displeasure. Even with gentle methods of sleep coaching, there will often be tears as your child adjust to a new way of falling asleep. But, the beauty of gentle sleep coaching is you will be there supporting and encouraging your child the entire way. Also, we work to minimize crying by optimizing the timing of naps and bedtime and creating a solid bedtime routine. You will not be asked to do anything that you are uncomfortable with and there is always the option to offer more cuddles if crying ever reaches your personal “too much”. 

I wish! Unfortunately, sleep coaching is not covered outright by insurance. But, many families are able to use their HSA or FSA. Check with your plan’s manager to see if “sleep hygiene”, “sleep education”, or “sleep environment education” is an eligible expense. Often, the answer is yes! You will complete your payment and be provided with an invoice to submit for reimbursement.

It depends on the coaching package that you choose. Coaching packages range from a video message to a single phone call all the way to 6 weeks of support. Cost ranges from $19.95 – $595 USD.

There are hundreds if not thousands of baby/toddler/preschool sleep books, blogs, podcasts, and social media accounts out there; including mine!

Those free resources work very well for many of families and for that I am glad.

Other families benefit immensely from bringing in a outside pair of eyes, brain, and heart to objectively evaluate their situation, help set appropriate goals, and create a plan to reach them.

Many of the families I work with are either overwhelmed by the sheer number of resources available and don’t know where to start with sleep coaching, or feel like they have tried everything and nothing is working. 

If you just have a couple of questions and want to DIY your sleep coaching experience, the video answers or single coaching call can be a great fit. 


The 3 and 6 week coaching packages are great for parents who desire personal coaching throughout the process; including the ability to touch base with Lauren on a daily basis.

Lauren is based in the metro Atlanta area (Gwinnett County), but works virtually with families throughout the USA. At this time, in-home coaching is not offered.

If I had a magic wand, I would! Much like a personal trainer at the gym cannot guarantee specific results in a specific time, it is not possible to guarantee specific results in a specific time with sleep coaching.

Many factors come in to play with sleep coaching, all of which are outside of Lauren’s control. These include a child’s personality, teething, developmental leaps, growth spurts, family dynamics, unexpected schedule changes, and parental consistency.

Therefore, Lauren is unable to offer a “results guarantee”. 

What she does offer is a guarantee that she will support and encourage your family as promised throughout the duration of the coaching period. 

If you have additional questions about working with Lauren, please click here to schedule a free get-to-know-you call. During the call, you and Lauren will discuss which option is the best fit for your family.