What do I get?

When you work with Lauren 1-1, you become part of the family! Your child is seen as an individual with a unique personality, not a baby who needs to fit into a pre-conceived baby sleep box.

A sleep plan is great, but what if life happens and things don’t go according to the plan? You’ll have Lauren in your back pocket!  M-F, from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST, you’ll be able to reach out via Voxer and receive a voice response within 2 hours tops. Don’t already use Voxer? It is a very easy way to send voice messages; let Lauren know you need a tutorial and she’ll send one your way! 


What about nights and weekends? Even then, you aren’t alone! Voxer messages received between 5-9:00 PM EST will be responded to the same night. Voxer will be checked periodically over the weekend. 


On your very first night of sleep coaching, Lauren will be standing by throughout bedtime to provide coaching as you go. 

It is true that there are only so many ways to go about sleep coaching. But, there is so much more to sleep coaching than just the method used.


There are dozens of books out there detailing sleep coaching methods. What the books are missing is the human element – the ability to look at your child as a unique individual who may start teething, may suddenly wake more than normal, or may do any one of the many things babies and toddlers do as part of their normal development. With 1-1 coaching, you have a real person to help coach you through these moments and respond in a way that meets your child where they are in that moment. 


You will get a written sleep plan to follow, but that is just a small piece of the puzzle. Most of the sleep coaching process is what’s not on the paper. It is in watching your child and tweaking the process as you go to meet your child’s unique needs.  No book or blog has that ability.

You love your baby and are so thankful you have been able to provide the cuddles and comfort your baby needs to fall asleep. But imagine just for a moment….

….what if your baby could fall asleep at bedtime (or back to sleep at night) without seemingly hours of effort on your part?


What if you had your evenings back and could relax on the couch with your spouse? Or got to bed without waking multiple times to help your child back to sleep? Or get some much needed work or just plain down time in during the evening?


That is one of the biggest benefits to parents of sleep coaching! To be sure, sleep coaching does not mean forcing your baby to sleep through the night with no feedings before he/she is ready. We will talk about feedings in detail.


It does mean that bedtime becomes a thing of ease rather than a thing of stress. It means that you sleep more at night – imagine how that will benefit not only you but your whole family. It means you are able to spend 1-1 time with your spouse and connect as a couple. There are so many benefits that come from sleep coaching in a gentle way, not involving cry it out, that respects both your child’s need for comfort and your need for a change.

The only difference between the two is the length of time.

If you currently feed or rock to sleep and want to make changes very, very slowly than the 6 week option is for you. 


If your brain and body are crying out for change and you are ready to still be very supportive and hands-on, but move a little more quickly than the 3 week option is for you. 

You get everything mentioned above! 


You work with Lauren 1-1 throughout the sleep coaching process.


You get:

  • A written sleep plan containing the sleep coaching method (chosen in consultation with Lauren), a goal sleep schedule (and plan for getting there), and any changes suggested to your child’s room and bedtime/nap routines
  • 1-1 voice coaching via Voxer as outlined above
  • A 15-minute check-in call each week to touch base, ask any questions you didn’t ask via Voxer, and most importantly –  celebrate wins!
  • Someone in your corner, cheering you on, who sees you and your child as unique people and doesn’t try to make you fit a certain mold